9. Travel through Old Castile

9. Travel through Old Castile

April 8 to April 14, 2022

On this trip I covered a large part of Castilla y León. I would start by traveling from Toledo to Segovia passing by the farm of San Ildefonso, the royal summer palace of the 18th century Bourbons. I would visit Segovia in an afternoon, although I will have to return another time to complete the visit. Then I would arrive at my accommodation in a hotel near Valladolid.
The next day I would visit Valladolid and Simancas and the next day I would see many small towns in the province of Valladolid to the west of the capital. The next day I would see more towns in Valladolid, highlighting Medina de Rioseco and some of Palencia such as Ampudia and Dueñas that I didn't get to see on my first trip. Lastly, I would visit Olmedo, to the south of the capital.
The next day he would leave Valladolid, passing through the winery town of Rueda and following the route of castles such as those of Coca, Iscar, Cuellar and Peñafiel. You would also see smaller towns such as Baltanas or Encinas de Esguevas, towns to the east of the province bordering Burgos and Palencia. I would sleep in a rural house in Quintana del Puente in the province of Palencia.
The next day I would visit Palenzuela, a little-known town in the province with a little-recognized church of great value and I would pass through towns with important monasteries such as Villamayor de Montes (active), Arlanza (abandoned , restored for visits), and Santo Domingo de Silos (asset and architectural jewel). I would visit towns with great heritage such as Covarrubias and less well-known ones such as Gumiel de Izan and Vadocondes. I would arrive at my hotel in Grado de Pico in Segovia.

Day 1, from Toledo to Valladolid, see Segovia in 1 afternoon

April 8, 2022

Day 2, visit Valladolid

April 9, 2022

Day 3, discover the towns of the province of Valladolid

April 10, 2022

Day 4, discover the towns of the province of Valladolid, second part

April 11, 2022

Day 5, from Valladolid to Palencia

April 12, 2022

Day 6, from Palencia to Segovia via Burgos

April 13, 2022

Day 7, visit important towns in the east of Segovia and arrival in Guadalajara

April 14, 2022

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