Sergio López Martínez

He was born in Madrid and he has lived most of his life in Guadalajara, one of towns with the best life quality in Spain, out of pollution with lot of green spaces, full of markets and very near to Madrid. He studied in the Alcarria public school and later in Lice Caracense high school, which it is talked about in guadalajara section of this website because it is a emblematic building with lot of history.

logo UAH He was graduated at University of Alcalá, Technical Engineering of Telecommunications in Electronic Systems and then the Official Master in Advanced Electronic Systems finishing in The year 2011 .

He worked for the University of Alcalá for a year and a half grace to a scholarship and a internship as research staff in the last year of the Master..
Intership was about adaptation of a complete project on Virtex 5 design with the schemas of the final project master to an Spartan 6 design, FPGA of lower cost and size that would meet and exceed the demands of the client.

logo SELEKRON While he was in the internship he received another from the city of Guadalajara to collaborate in Selekron, a local company specialized in electronic control equipment with presence in different projects of well-known Spanish companies.

At the end of both scholarships he embarked on a journey through Europe beginning in France. Toulouse was the start point, capital of the European aeronautics industry. He was taking a course in the French Alliance to improve the French acquired years before in the Official School of Languages to achieve to get a job.

logo ADREXO After completing the first courses he started working in a local logistics company, Adrexo, while continuing to improve French and studying English in some free courses in the area.

At the end of the year and seeing that getting a qualified job was quite difficult for someone with so little experience decided to take the route to a more dynamic country where change jobs was the order of the day.

logo NSN In February of 2012 he landed in England where he began to learn English in free courses of the state or bookshops of the area, as well as in parks, associations and some payment academy in the area.
. In September of that same year I took the IELTS test for English level certification and obtained a B2 / C1. After four months getting great skill with the language he got a first job at an electronic components factory in the central part of England. A couple of months later he would sign up for NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks).

In NSN worked on the adaptation of a new radio module for all the BTSs maintaining all the improvements of the last designs doubling the capacity of band. At end of 2014 the company informs that it will move to another country. The project to India for its new strategic plan in which were reducing costs, offering various options to move people of the department.

logo INDRA In 2015 he returned to Spain and was working at Indra as a software development engineer adapting an earlier design to comply with new regulations and add certain functionalities. These new funtionalitites were testing tasks and documentation of technical specifications as well as the inclusion of new SCADAS for the client.

logo CEOE In 2016 began a course of computer security of 500 hours as well as the creation of this website that you can now contemplate. The course offers a rather general approach but in turn practical use of different security tools to control the traffic that can enter and exit on a network and as with more sophisticated tools that depart almost all of Kali Linux, a system operative quite similar to Ubuntu focused on these topics. Also he learnt the analysis of data when receiving an attack or how to hide vulnerabilities in packages or to discover those packages.

logo ORANGE At the end of the course they will offer a internship at a well known company in Guadalajara, Orange and end up hiring him as a technical support telephone operator where I acquired social and commercial skills through customer service.

In January of 2017 he give up Orange and continue with the present website. He got a domain and link all correctly.
In February of 2017 he travelled to Gran Canaria with the goal of know the island for futures study palns. In April he passed IETLS having renewing the old B2 mark. One month later he went back to the peninsule to look for a job and he began wor with Assystem for Siemens, in the railway systems of Madrid.

logo ASSYSTEM logo SIEMENS He worked testing the 5 line of underground railway of Madrid and he studied also adaptive design for websites. He begin to redesign the present website in August of this year, changing things slowly and learning a lot. The adaptative design used is based on Twitter as Bootstrap 4, a classes offered by Twitter team in 2012. Since then he has improved a lot offering very possibilities to developpers and doing things easier.

logo BOOTSTRAP In August, after studying the adaptive design of web pages, he decided to incorporate it into his website, beginning a complete renovation of this website using the classes provided by Bootstrap, specifically version 4.

logo ULPG In September 2017 he moved to Las Palmas where he started the Master's Degree in Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language Teaching by the University of La Laguna and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
In March of 2018, after finishing the theoretical subjects, he completed his internship at the IES El Rincon center, a modern institute in the capital. In June he satisfactorily presents the Master's thesis on a modern and innovative programming for students of the Computer Systems module of the higher cycle of Multiplatform Systems.

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