8. Travel to the South of Spain

8. Travel to the South of Spain

February 25 to March 7, 2022

On this trip I covered a large part of the autonomous community of Andalusia. It would begin in the province of Córdoba, visiting the capital as well as several of its towns.
Later, he would visit the eastern part of the province of Seville, with towns as important as Estepa, Ecija and Osuna. There I would go down to the province of Malaga to see the town of Ronda, one of the most beautiful in Spain, which would be among the top 5.
From there he would travel to other towns such as Setenil de las Bodegas in the province of Cádiz or Archidona, already in Malaga. The next city would be Antequera, with the greatest heritage in the province, even greater than Malaga. It is the owner of several Neolithic monuments such as three dolmens in the surroundings of its city that are World Heritage Sites. From there I would go to the Torcal natural park, a unique environment in Spain with rocks with very different shapes due to water erosion thousands of years ago. The next city would be Malaga, where he would spend more than one day.
Lastly, it would pass through the city of Vélez Málaga on its way to the province of Granada. In the province of Granada it would pass through Alhama de Granada, Guadix where its cathedral and Baza stand out, a city known for its Iberian ancestor and its famous statue, the lady of Baza, and Finally, it would reach the province of Almería passing through Vélez Rubio and Vélez Blanco where one of the castles of the Vélez family is in the best condition, being the main castle of this noble family in Cuevas de Almanzora. Other towns in Almería such as Mojacar, Nijar or Vera have a common denominator such as the architecture of their houses and the topology of their cities to withstand the high temperatures. I would also visit the capital, where the cathedral and the citadel stand out, one of the largest in Al-Andalus along with those of Malaga and Granada.

Day 1, from Toledo to Córdoba.

25 de febrero de 2022

Day 2, discover the towns of Córdoba.

26 de febrero de 2022

Day 3, discover the towns of Córdoba.

27 de febrero de 2022

Day 4, crossing the province of Seville to reach Ronda.

28 de febrero de 2022

Day 5, visit to the province of Malaga.

1 de marzo de 2022

Day 6, Antequera and arrival in Malaga.

2 de marzo de 2022

Day 7, see Malaga in one day.

3 de marzo de 2022

Day 8, from Malaga to Baza, visiting the towns of Granada.

4 de marzo de 2022

Day 9, from Baza to Lorca, Murcia.

5 de marzo de 2022

Day 10, getting to know the towns of Almería.

6 de marzo de 2022

Day 11, walking along the beaches of Vera and back to Toledo.

7 de marzo de 2022
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