5. Travel through Extremadura

5. Travel through Extremadura

October 1 to 4, 2021

On this trip I visited the most important towns in Extremadura. These are located in the center of the region. From small towns like Montánchez or Alcuéscar to historic cities like Mérida, Trujillo and Cáceres. Merida being the most important city in Roman times and where there are more vestiges on the peninsula. Cáceres and Trujillo are important cities after the conquest, being the places where more 16th century palaces exist on the peninsula. In addition, these cities are one of the most used by the Game of Thrones series to film their scenes. I would also visit the Guadalupe Monastery, one of the most important in Christianity and where there have been pilgrimages from other parts such as on the way to Santiago.
To finish the last day, I would visit smaller towns, birthplace of great conquerors such as Medellín, birthplace of the great Hernán Cortes, conqueror of Mexico, or Villanueva de la Serena with Pedro de Valdivia who Together with Pizarro, a native of Trujillo, they would conquer all of Peru, territory of the feared Incas.

Day 1, from Toledo to Merida

October 1, 2021

Day 2 Montanchez to Trujillo

October 2, 2021

Day 3, see Cáceres in one day

October 3, 2021

Day 4, from Medellin to Toledo

October 4, 2021
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