Golden times of Guadalajara, centuries XIV -XVI

Guadalajara on Catholics Kings times

This period is clearly marked by the influence of Cardinal Mendoza and his clan in which accumulate great political power. This power was got by the help of the wars in which embarked Castilla, as the taking of Granada and some more campaigns in the kingdom of Carlos V and Felipe II. At this time the city changes its face completely, appearing multitude of palaces and stately homes due to the large number of nobles that inhabit it. Proof of this is The Palace of the Infantado lifted at this time and attributable to the great power of Mendoza, plus the expulsion of the Jews in Spain will help to change the city pretty much.

Infantado Palace around s.XVI - (.. Inf Right) Front (. Sup left), patio (. Sup right), top floor patio (.. Inf left) and Hunterss floor (.. Inf right)

Opposite the church of Santa Maria's palace Cardinal Mendoza (Pedro de Mendoza) , building disappeared and was one of the reference works of the Renaissance city in Spain would be. Near the was his nephew, Antonio de Mendoza , currently preserved that functions as a secondary school, Liceo Caracense, as seen in the image on the right. At his death he was bequeathed to her niece would turn the palace into a convent, and which would be built next to the chapel. In the remains buried and left his name as convent chapel piety (img right).

Piedad Chapel beside the palace of A.Mendoza (left), cover and patio palace by 1940 (abjo right).

It is noteworthy that this palace now houses the famous shield of Emperor Charles of Habsburg who originally was a symbol of subjugation in the Castilian cities that opposed certain taxes. This I did in the war of the villagers in the region of Castilla lost their privileges by Carlos V, as he is known because of his title of emperor, only king in Spain holder of that title bought by gold of America, buying the votes to Netherlands dukes and small states of Germany nobles.


This shield was initially placed on the door of the Alcazar which is where the revolt started in the fifteenth century and where they were executed instigators. The best example of this shield is in La Puerta Bisagra in Toledo, a city that starred the biggest uprising against Carlos V and where he would seat his residence finally. Later after the destruction of the palace would be placed in Door Guadalajara Market that was in the present place of Santo Domingo. Once destroyed the walls in the eighteenth century to expand the city was kept in the Convent of Mercy to be protected from future events. Thanks to that today is preserved in very good condition and can be observed by the tourists who know their location.



Of all the ancestral palaces of the Mendoza family, alone will remain as the palace Infantado and Palace of Don Antonio de Mendoza . It should be noted that to save the remains of all this dynasty of dukes and honor them was built a pantheon. This is in the church of San Francisco , place of great events in the city of Guadalajara that was built around the year 1200 for the Order of the Knights Templar. After a serious fire restored by Don Diego Hurtado de Mendoza , first Duke of Infantado who later responsible maintenance to his lineage and centuries later said pantheon would be built. This pantheon bears a strong resemblance to that of the kings of the Escorial Royal Monastery, although its dimensions are much smaller. After the taking of Guadalajara by the French around the year 1808 will be desecrated and severely damaged. It has recently been restored by an amount that was near the million euros and the remains of the Dukes who were moved to the Pastrana Palace have been returned to his original site.

Dukes of Infantado Crypt before (sup.) And after restoration (inf.)

This fact is recently done to increase tourism in a city that has suffered an unfortunate chain of disasters to urban level, wars and interested performances throughout its history. Although hard to believe most have been in last two centuries.

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