Phone companies in France

In France call it is expensive as in Spain. There was hardly any competition between large companies until new mobile companies arrive to have rights change rates and price. After that it changed everything and all price started to be lower and lower. There are two methods of payment as here, contract, prepaid or fixed price (agreed by picking up a terminal or its services).

In addition to the WIFI internet service, it has created on all routers as a kind of network for customers in which every router has a space about a 5%, reserved to give public service. For have this benefit you have hired previously that company in your home. So if you're on the street, usually if you're in an area with high population density (upper floors), it will be easy not having to use your data connection because you are able to connect to the network of the neighbor legally speaking. Operators are in France are:

Mobile phone companies in France

SFR ”telecoms_banner1” 10€ 100MB + 2h -- 15€ 1Gb + 2h -- 38€ 20Gb + *h
Sosh ”telecoms_banner2” 5€ 50MB + 2h -- 10€ 50MB + *h 20€ 5Gb + *h -- 25€ 10Gb + *h
ByYOU ”telecoms_banner3” 4€ 2h -- 15€ 1Gb + 2h -- 10€ 40Gb + *h -- 20€ 5Gb + *h -- 60€ 40Gb + *h
Free telecoms_banner5 2€ (0€ abonados a la fija) 2h + 50MB -- 19€ (16€ abonados) 50Gb + *h
Lebara ”telecoms_banner6” 20€ + 2Gb *h + 2G -- 30€ Gb + *h.
Compañía con buen precio para hacer llamadas sin contrato a 1.3 céntimos la llamada con tarjeta prepago

The three first companies are expensive while free has a more realistic offer about 2 euros, the lowest rate for 2 hours of calls. Lebara is a company that is good to those who are passing because it does not require any contract and calls to 1 cent we can pull through. As Lebara there are others but Lebara is one of the first to take this market. I was using in France use one of these on 2012.

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