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French is a language which due to the latin influence it is easy for a spanish achieve a good level of french. However english most of the spanish people dont have a basic formation of this language in the school, so we start from zero. Have a good french accent and the music of the speaking it is really difficult for us, and more than improve the english. In my experience I recognise than I was detected as spanish very soon because my "e" opens and don't do the abbreviations (liasons), even spending more than 6 months in this country not using my language.

French academies

One of the academies more important for foreign people where I was enrolled and I recommend so much if you have money is l´Alliance Francaise.

In this academy I was on 2012 for 1 month doing an intensive course where I was retaken the level I use to be in the language official school of Spain. Even not having touch the french for more than 8 years because I was with my family in France and all the time I was using I recover the level in two weeks. All they speak i understand but they don't understand me as well i do them. I start in levle 4 and i eng the 5 level by my own the next level. The intensive course it was about 500 euros for 6 daily hours from monday to friday in groups of 15 people so it was about 5 euros hour. For people dont have money it could be more effective search a personal teacher for a friends group or join to activities of the town to copy the language.. In my opinion join to a course like that is not loose the money. If you have a good organisation and you go only one month you will meet new people in the same situation as you and you will get good information about different stuff as job, leisure, courses, etc.

In addition of the paid academies they exist other ways of learn french without need to pay.

Associations, foundations where learn french

The problem at the beginning was be understood, because the french is not a language as the english that more or less I understand and as in London is spoken as a mixture of english of all places. In France a simple change of tone can change the meaning of a phrase completely and the words are not written as you read as in spanish language.

Websites for find people to change languages

Another method than it could be possible doing from any country but it is not very extended and in Spain there are more spanish people avaliable than foreing people so for spanish in spain it is quite difficult to find a person. If you are in the other country it is very easy to find because you are the attraction for them, because the spanish each day is more important and all people in the world like to learn it. Also spanish people have the fame of friendly and good people.

With this websites I meet a french girl in Madrid and a canadian guy in Toulouse where I meet lot of times and i could practise french and english too. We shared experience about the trips we were done.


Website material

Always we can use the network for get vocabulary and phonetics. In this website teh vocabulary it is classified so you can learn worlds you are interested in. It is very important before going to roll to some course learn by your own to get a advance level and avoid to start since the beginning because basic levels could be learned easy by our own way. www.ccdm.qc.ca/fr/francofiches//

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