Flag and origin

French flag is the mixture of the colors which represent Paris town, red and blue and the royal house, the white. This flag has his origin when The Bastilla was taken in 1789 when french revolution starts. Until that moment official flags were of the absolute french monarchy : lis flowers with white or blue background.


Territory organisation

France is the country with the biggest amount of surface of the Europe union and has his name of the Francs, village who defeat the romans and take this territory, old Gallia called by the romans.

France is the sixth world economy and one of the nations with more influence of the world, member of the G5 and with nuclear capacity. French is the language talked by 500 millions of people due to his of all north in Africa. the language of the economy and business as they call there.

France is divided in regions.

”france_territory” ”france_territory2”

Actually France is organised in 13 regions and it has changed his organisation in 2014 down the number of regions from 23. The regions are detached in departments whose number is 96. This departments are organised in districts, and these in cantons. The smaller unit are the council (arrondissements).

It has a high level of life (IDH: 22°) which scale of first world and his economy is the second powerful of the european union behind Alemania. However last times has registered a high unemployed level and it is increased each year. Is the fifth with more PIB level and the rent per capita is about 40k euros, 11th position in the world.



Weather in France is variated depending of the town where you live. It could be differenciate four kinds of weather : Atlantic on north and northwest, continental on west, mountain in the area of Alps and mediterranean on the south and southwest.

Generally live in Paris and arround it is very similar to live in London or Belgium or Holland. It rains a lot and it is three of four days cloudy. Difference with the south it is huge, with the south very similar to live in the north of Spain or Catalunya if you are in the coast (La Cote dAzure). In fact when I was in Toulouse i remember after May most of the days were good, at exception of some rainy week, and until half of September it not arrive to rain again. There were days of summer where hot sensation it was very similar to Spain June with some day with a temperature reach 35 degrees. Sometimes you feel like the north of Spain. Until it was October it not begin the cold sensation, so it was like 4 stations very differentiated in opposite of Spain where last years it seem like we have two.

Next map we see the difference between live in south and live in north is have double time of sun hours into a year, a difference that it could be something similar to compare interior areas of Vasc country with Andalucia south areas.


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