Region of Guadalajara has nothing to envy to other provinces of Spain. Here we can find wonders of nature that few people know. The eastern part is quite unknown for most of the Spanish and has some of the best treasures as nature places. In the map below I present the general index of hiking trails that will explain in my website where you will find truthful information as to overcome these challenges. There are all levels and are marked in different colors depending on the difficulty entailed either.

If you click on the map you can see the exposed routes that I have done. If you press here you will see the topographic map classified by the areas of the region.


The destination is Poveda de la Sierra, southeast of the province of Guadalajara. There you will find Asdon Multiaventura, a club that offers the possibility of learning different sports and modalities. They have monitors in several subjects, like tirolina, abseiling, canoe, quad, descent, diving, etc.

We leave from the center of adventure in an SUV on the way to an esplanade where to begin to prepare the canoes. We have both individual K1 kayaks, and for pairs, K2. The monitor gives us brief notions before riding and start shoveling.4

In spring is more dangerous by the flood of the river and the greater force of the river as in the lateral one can observe until where the water level has arrived. Let's go a fairly large group but the monitor says there have been times that have gone up to 30 canoes at the same time. In this case we are 3 individual canoes and 3 other double canoes.

Kayaking is a sport with enough risks but if you are in a group and protected with good equipment, helmet and vest the posibilites of be hurt are very low. My partner Sergio and me fell a couple of times while we took the rapids and except the canoe that stayed stranded nothing serious happened. In a second jolt we fell into the water but did not grow older. This is why I recommend to people who have not done canoeing in the river to be encouraged, as in addition to enjoying the landscape and sport, Is an experience in which you release much stress and adrenaline. It may seem that the effort involved in lowering the river is minimal but quite the opposite. Rowing to correct the direction of the river is very tiring. I was lucky because I had my companion Sergio, one guy very strong of Destroyer Gym of Guadalajara. The one behind that is the helm that guides the boat has to have in my opinion much more force than the one behind because the movements of the blade are wider and the one of the front that is the one that gives the speed to The canoe is not as relevant as many times you have the strength of the current and is a more continuous movement without so many irregularities.

After finishing the activity we start towards the Sima de Alcorlo, a precious natural spot with a dam where at summer is full of bathers and brave people who dare to jump from the top. It is no more than 10 km from Poveda de la Sierra, so driving is the best option.

After have a view of one of the places that make "La Meseta" pretty, we go to the cave of .. In the middle of the village there is an underground cave very striking and little known. More proper of an epic film of the Lord of the Rings, or any fantastic film, where the stone steps to call them somehow never seem to finish and as you go down the darkness it wraps everything. Deep in the hole is a spring where the legends say that many years ago you could see how some tiny beings went up the steps to the entrance hole and then back down and disappear.

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