The island of Gran Canaria is very heterogeneous in reliefs and terrains. In a few kilometers you can completely change the landscape and the weather, as well as alternate plains and mountains quickly.                         In the following map I expose several routes to do in the island and different photos of the journey.
                        There are of all levels and are marked in different colors depending on the difficulty involved.

                     In the previous table you have information referring to the described route.


We left the flags room of the beach of Las Canteras and we are walking towards the island on the beach. When we reach the end of Las Canteras (La Puntilla) we cross the promenade where we can appreciate the magnificent views. Once we get to the beach we can follow the path to the end bordering La Isleta where we will reach a closed area that can not be passed to return the road.

Once we get to the promenade between La Puntilla and the beach we can go up to the neighborhood of La isleta and climb the mountain of the cross. Once reached the summit we can enjoy the magnificent views of Las Palmas where the isthmus that separates the beach of Las Canteras de las Alcaravaneras and the port will be differentiated. This view is unique and is only possible from that geographical point.

At the end we will go to contemplate the walk of the confital from the viewpoints of the neighborhood of Las Coloradas. This neighborhood is separated from the other neighborhoods of the island by a small road and has a more unique character. It has a football court and a church, as well as a school and a couple of restaurants where you eat pretty well.

To return we will return through the neighborhood of the Islseta to be able to contemplate the old character of this neighborhood that reminds us much of the ancient capital of Las Palmas, whose inhabitants have an even closer and witty character than the Canarians in general.