Tejeda, beautiful village of Spain

Tejeda is a town in Gran Canaria that is located in the center of the island in a mountainous area.                         It is very close to the highest point of the island, the Pico de las Nieves. It stands out for its natural heritage, it is the symbol of the island, at the same time as one of the most used promotional images, the Roque Nublo. This monolithic basalt has lasted for millions of years as a result of eruptive volcanic processes that led to the formation of the island, along with it and a few kilometers is the Roque Bentayga, another monolith of larger dimensions that once represented a sacred place of worship for the ancient Canarian aborigines.                         This natural heritage together with the homogeneity of its architecture in its white houses, sidewalks and roofs makes it has won the award of being one of the most beautiful villages in Spain on numerous occasions.                         In your visit of Tejeda you will walk through a park with lush vegetation, where you can see botanical varieties very common in the Canary Islands, such as the striking red tajinaste (plant also known as the Pride of Tenerife).


Current Historical Center                         

The historic center is the center of any Canarian town. A large square surrounded by old houses and a church. In this case the houses follow a pattern both in color of the facade, materials of doors and balconies and roofs.                         Besides the church of Nuestra Señora del Socorro, there is the Laurel de Indias tree.