Arbistar, the supposed king of BITCOIN

Arbistar last year became the largest pyramid scam in the history of our country, Spain. Based in Tenerife and under the command of Santi Fuentes . And it is that Santi Fuentes had had a good teacher since he worked for years with the one known as Spanish Madoff, German Cardona for plotting a pyramid scheme that scams through currency exchange. This time the apprentice surpassed the teacher since the number of affected in the new scam exceeds more than half a million affected, many in South America. The CNMV had already warned about this but there are many people who even having the information did not want to try to know the truth. They supposedly made a lot of money and sometimes the money does not attend to reasons.

Thus, as soon as the money stopped flowing and the reimbursements to the people who took money were stopped, the suspicions began that would be confirmed a couple of months later in September 2020. After the announcement by the Arbistar management that no he was going to pay what was owed due to a computer error complaints began to rain down. Somewhat earlier the Civil Guard and the National Police would have already followed up on this company and it was then that proceeded to his arrest . There were many who warned that this would happen already in April of that same year, such as the well-known Simon Perez and Silvia Charo from the trading squad, a company that analyzes different assets daily and lately through FOROESTAFAS . This website uncovered the scandal from the first moment but there was not much to analyze either. A company that pays 5% per month and also gives money to join someone is unfeasible. Not even if I gave 1%, it would be unfeasible too. Within this company they have on the radar MINDCAPITAL and KULIAKAN, ARBISTAR's sister cousins ​​ who have not yet collapsed but are on the verge.

And it is that these companies follow the model that those who charge do so with the money of those who enter by passing a certain commission for the owners of the company, which is why it is set up. And it is that ARBISTAR will go down in history and surely there will be more. The logo is quite representative because those who have won precisely are the owners at the expense of the customers.


They allegedly sold a bot that arbitrated between different cryptocurrency platforms, and since they were so altruistic they shared the bot with people to distribute benefits, like charitable souls. Those differentials that have not really existed for years since the platforms themselves have perfected the systems so that if there is any difference in the spread, (time differential between transactions), it is beneficial for them and they take advantage of it, they are the ones that gave the big benefits enjoyed by those who deposited their bitcoins there. Unlike other scams, this time they have used bitcoins instead of currencies, much more difficult to track in case of fraud and the keys they possess are foreign to any government, so it will be difficult for victims to recover their money, but you never know .

In addition, I perfect the system since I take out some bots that were nothing more than algorithms based on Martin Gala that, in the long term, make the person who uses it lose all their money. But while they were raising and laundering capital with these alleged bots. Santi Fuentes is an expert in marketing and I don't think it will cost him to get a new job. If insurance or banking has a hard time convincing clients to change companies due to the risk or uneasiness it entails, I have no idea how this guy managed to attract so many clients by depositing huge amounts of money, without having hardly any evidence of the operation of the company.
These types of systems have already been seen even in cinematographic films, the last "The Wizard of Lies in 2017" played by Robert de Niro. After all, they are the best at cheating rather than lying
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