History, recent context and fundamental

Vertice 360 ​​a group specialized in the production and distribution of audiovisual content, with an international focus, capable of offering a finished product for all types of screens and media (cinema, television, Smart TV, Smartphone, etc.). They offer comprehensive coverage for any audiovisual demand from television channels, film producers, television, advertising, large advertisers, public institutions and companies. For this, it has integrated different companies that offer audiovisual services: Telson, Videoreport, Apuntolapospo, Acicala, Vértice Estudio, Inevent and Itesa. The Vertice 360 ​​quotation started on the stock exchange in 2007 through the continuous market. However, in 2014, the company's Board of Directors requested the voluntary bankruptcy of creditors after finding themselves in an insolvent situation. It was not until the beginning of 2018 when the company returned to trading after the National Securities Market Commission decided to lift the precautionary suspension of the negotiation.

Vertice360 left many trapped since it first went public in 2007 as can be seen in the following web page . And that was almost 6 years down from € 1.5 to € 0.04. A theft of book portfolios. That is why we must be very careful with this type of values. In particular all that I analyze on page 10 of the ECOBLOG. Although Abengoa is separate because it is a special case, a company that once gave spectacular benefits and a very bad management and a deception in the accounts had to go into bankruptcy. Now it is already in a phase prior to the resurgence. In Vértice, however, it will be necessary to wait a long time, because although the debt has been completely restructured after the last capital increase by the shareholders, EBDITA is still very green, being less than the ten million euros.

Fundamental Analysis Vertice

Deuda/ Cash company
Total debt (M)11,12,361,41
Benefit / Share value
EBDITA (M)-2,22,07
Net Benefit (M)-2,11,8

From the fundamentals table we observe how the net debt is the great burden of that company as well as the inability to generate benefits with the existing projects. It is, however, acquiring new projects quickly thanks to the money of the shareholders and the banks through debt. The company's equity is high but insufficient compared to its debt. So today it is quite dangerous to invest in this value.

Technical analysis

If we look at the graph that is made in daily candles and runs just since the measure of BME was applied to add a decimal to the quotes. Since any attempt to make an average with respect to the period that was 1 cent would be bad because it did not reflect the real value that gave the market. Although the measure of the BME was no more than a speculative measure and still is not well known to those who benefit since the fall that occurred in many values ​​was excessive and the facts give the reason.


The CNMV should answer them and not me.

Returning to the technician ..., the quote is in a dilemma, get bounce to reach maximums in 1.2 cents of euro or lose support and return to the support of the trend line. This support would be at € 0.009. Appearing in that environment a good entry in the value. The problem is that once the penny is reached it will be very difficult to lose it and in that case it would be due to a different cause from the technician. The support in such round values is always very difficult to lose and also leave behind with what the best thing in this case is to wait for events. Strategy: Wait for maximums to sell (€ 0.012 - € 0.013) and wait again at € 0.01 to enter.