History, recent context and fundamental

Nyesa is a Spanish company that operates in the continuous market focused on ubanistic development and real estate development.

Jumping to the continuous market no more than a year ago and with a fairly erroneous exit estimate. It has many projects in Spain and especially in Andalusia. Its main headquarters are located in Zaragoza.

After the real estate crisis of 2008 would begin a disastrous journey in this company that would lead to suspension in the stock market due to the bankruptcy of it. It would not be until 2018 that after successions of capital increases by the shareholders, a viability plan for the same would arise . Even so, net debt is still higher than net equity , so its situation is very delicate.

At the international level Nyesa plans to develop four urban hotel projects in Russia (three in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg) and two holiday hotels in Costa Rica (Roca project), while Meliá is interested in carrying out the management of them . In Costa Rica, it has recently canceled all of its debt as collateral to develop these projects.

Here I present the data of fundamentals that I think are most important:

Fundamental Analysis Nyesa

Debt/ Cash company
Total Debt (M)-60,161,249-
Benefit/Share value
EBDITA (M)-0,420,463.184-
Net Profit (M)--17-58-

From the fundamentals table we observe how the net debt is the great burden of that company as well as the inability to generate benefits with the existing projects. It is, however, acquiring new projects quickly thanks to the money of the shareholders and the banks through debt. The company's equity is high but insufficient compared to its debt. So today it is quite dangerous to invest in this value.

Technical analysis

If we look at the chart that is made in daily candles, we look at how the quote has tested minimums in the area of ​​1 cent at the end of October, coinciding with the BME measure of extending decimals that would not affect Nyesa. directly. Although when a volatile value suffers a sudden decline it usually coincides with generalized drops in the continuous market in values ​​of similar capitalization. From this fall and brutal overbooking would begin to overcome positions to almost double its price in just fifteen days. Having a 100% revaluation on minimums.

From that moment on, he has been drawing an upward trend which, however, he would lose at the end of last month. Right now he is very stopped in the area of ​​€ 0.016 trying to get back on the previous trend. Everything indicates that the triangulation will soon be over and it will be known if it rises strong and beats the resistance or will continue for a long time on dormant ground.
Strategy: Wait until the triangulation ends to decide.