Technical analysis

Duro Felguera suffered last year the measure of the cent as other values ​​and has suffered a situation very similar to that of Abengoa as well I counted last year .

From here, if we analyze the short-term graph starting with the window where we see that the recent bullish channel has gone down and everything indicates that it will restart because the MACD indicator marks a cycle change and a turnaround. upwards. The stockings are about to cross and this will mean a very high shot to reach the ceiling. Marking as objectives first 0.019 and then 0.021 €.
So the strategy would be to maintain with a stop at € 0.010. And still not total because in these values ​​you have to be very careful with STOPs because you can quickly turn and sweep low positions by strong hands. If you beat the € 0.019, you would start selling shares up to € 0.021.