Contexto reciente

En 2017 the United States took the first steps in a more protectionist economic policy by establishing the first tariffs on Chinese, European and Mexican products. And is that as you can see in the following chart prepared by PICTEC US imports to China are almost 6 times more and the figure has doubled in 10 years, since it was then three times.


Commercial War

In March of 2018 it would become official being at the beginning tariffs of 50,000 million dollars to a list of Chinese products. In response, China would introduce arbitrary tariffs on more than 100 American products, especially soybeans, a product that the United States exports massively to China and that would be imported from there from other countries. In addition Trump had harsh accusations to China for having appropriated American technology and have used it to make unfair competition to the United States.                     

The United States would respond in April with the promised tariffs by expanding the initial list and China would impose an additional tax of 25% on soybeans, which Trump responded by doubling the tariff figure, which now stands at 100,000 million.                     

So things in Juno Trump would return to the charge this time with the products used by American technology companies and finally apply it with a tariff of 10% of 200,000 million in almost 300 products, and became effective at the end of August. China says it will apply tariffs of an equivalent amount in response.                     

In the following chart we can see how the war has also been transferred to the currencies in which the day that in the month of April when the dollar occurred would begin to revalue.