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History of the institute

The IES Azarquiel is an institute with a fairly recent history. About 5 years ago it would celebrate its 50th anniversary. It began as a center dedicated exclusively to vocational training and has been expanding its domains towards secondary and high school education. Giving a little the opportunity for students who are going to carry out FP studies there to create a stronger circle with colleagues who will last many years longer.
Buildings have been modified and constructed over time to achieve the current appearance with a reception building for administrative tasks and management, a large building for secondary education and a couple more buildings for FPs from the computer science branch and the administration branch of companies and another for the maintenance and electricity and electronics branches.
This makes it the Toledo institute with the largest number of students and with the largest number of specialties in vocational training, with the number of students reaching almost 2000 and the number of teachers exceeding 200.
In addition, the institute, curiously, has been famous at the national level for being the site of an ancient Jewish necropolis and precisely the expansion work of the center yielded this information.
ies azarquiel With this, it has been possible to delimit where this Jewish cemetery was located. This is located between the school of Nuestra Señora de los Infantes, the Parque de las Tres Culturas or the IES María Pacheco, arriving at the IES Azarquiel. And it is that Toledo is a field where there are cemeteries of all times, including the Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Jews and up to the present day.

The Roman cemetery is located near the Arab remains of the Roman circus next to the Avenida de la Reconquista and reaching the Vega Baja, where archaeological work has been carried out to learn more about the Visigoth Toledo that was located very close to the Toledo Roman and possibly using materials from Roman buildings. Upon arrival the Arabs would use the current location of the capital, being the site of the fortress that dominates the Tagus River from both sides the main center of the city, the old Alcazaba, of which much more is known after the remodeling work of the current Alcazar where you can see the layout of the walls and even an intact gate of the same. These works were done in 2009 and many people do not know about it.
The Christian and Jewish cemetery would already be far from the center of the city and would be exteriors of that time as is the area where the institute is located today.

My passage through the Azarquiel

This year I have had the opportunity to learn about telecommunications education in a less profound field than what I studied years ago. Also with the incentive of the evolution that has been occurring since then, with DTT and with mobile technologies as advanced as 3g and 4g. Although the basic modulations are the same that were known then and to explain to the students with modulations as old as more than 50 years as AM and FM are left over.
About the institute tell that the course has already been quite normal with the obligation to wear the mask in classes and face-to-face assistance.
As extraordinary acts, a charity meal has been held to help our Canarian neighbors affected by the La Palma volcano. And the Christmas crumbs that were well attended despite the sixth wave of the coronavirus.

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