One of the modules I had to teach would be computer security. This module tries to establish knowledge regarding the protection of computer systems, both physical and logical, and both on the internet and on the local network.

Curiously, in 2016 I obtained the certificate of professionalism as a computer security student and it was at that moment when I decided that I wanted to dedicate myself to teaching. That is why I was very lucky since my knowledge of the subject was quite recent and also there was still motivation to expand it. And what better way than to share that knowledge with people from the same place where I grew up. Since getting a place in the only institute in the province that offers this type of training is quite lucky and even more so when the institute is next to home. Nothing to go by bus and metro and spend an hour to get to the destination but a short walk to get to your workplace, without giving up being close to your family.
In these courses I would teach concepts of computer science ethics, vulnerability detection, installation of operating systems in virtual machines, configuration of network firewalls, key management and creation of keys using cryptographic methods, steganography, forensic data analysis, or active monitoring of web environments through applications as modern as Nagios or Snort .

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