After obtaining my degree that enables me to teach, I made requests to different entities, including the Castilla la Mancha employment council and the Community of Madrid. Apart from the title, certificates were requested in terms of work experience previously carried out in the matter of the courses to be taught.

Tras obtener mi titulo que habilita para la enseñanza realice las peticiones a diferentes entes entre ellos la consejería de empleo de Castilla la Mancha y la Comunidad de Madrid. A parte del título se pedían certificados en funciones de experiencia laboral previamente realizada en la materia de los cursos a impartir.
I took 3 training courses before getting a place in secondary education in vocational training. Those courses were all in computer science, a branch that is being promoted from all administrations.

In addition, I was able to obtain experience with people of different ages, from 20 years to 60. Also people of many nationalities since these in these courses there are quite a few emigrants with the problem of not having their studies homologated to the Spanish educational system.
Difficult situations in an adult class are sometimes easier to manage in the short term, but they already create a system that lasts around the course, not being sometimes with adolescents in which the problem is usually forgotten in a short time.


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