Changing campus

In mid-November I changed of campus to located in Tafira Baja where most of the faculties are located. Specifically my specialty, Technology, was in the Faculty of Marine Sciences. This campus is very well but the buildings are old and there is no heating for the cold, no air conditioning for the heat, and the notorious insulation problems. Because of this, it is necessary to keep warm in class when the cold lurks. This year it would not arrive until the beginning of January when there were many days of wind alert on the islands. Even getting to suspend one of the classes in February.

Normally this cold usually happens but this year it was quite bigger due perhaps to climate change since in the peninsula the heaviest snowfall occurred in 45 years, cutting the A6 from the port of the lions. This campus has almost all the specialties to study outside of the city. It is a quiet and quiet place due to the amplitude, since each building has a minimum distance of 300 meters. It is connected to the city by lines 25 and 26 of the municipal buses and by others more than Global.

Fiestas in the Canary Islands, Christmas and Carnival

Christmas in the Canary Islands are quite festive, devoting many resources to decorate the streets and avenues, with lights in palm trees and portals. Many of these facilities are reused at the February carnival. Below I show some images of Las Palmas at Christmas. canarias_navidad_2018

The carnival is one of the most special dates in the islands and Gran Canaria lasts about three weeks, the last week being the most important with many activities in different parts of the island where the beach of Las Canteras and the hull stand out old, Vegueta. This year was very bad weather, with intermittent rains that only came to remit the last two days of carnival. At the end of the carnival in the capital, in the third week of February the carnival begins in the south of the island, in Maspalomas and Playa del ingles, which lasts about two weeks until the first week of March. canarias_carnaval_2018

Homework, homework and more homework ..

canarias_clase_ulpgc4 canarias_clase_ulpgc5 When I returned from Christmas, I had a lot of work and research exercises from the master. In one of them, it was proposed to carry out a project for technology students at different levels to be chosen by the students. The projects were very varied, from an elevator, going through a parking barrier, vehicles guided by light or even a ferris wheel or a merry-go-round. These projects added to the work of programming in different areas such as vocational training and secondary education gave an excessive workload to be able to enjoy with Christmas. At the Carnival, all the professors put in their respective works, counting that each subject was taught by up to three teachers, we collected more than ten works in a single month, February.

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